Latest VO for Hillsong Church – Check it out!

This is a clip from a Documentary called Night/Day by Hillsong Church, about how faith can help through tough times, for which I provided the gravelly, worldy VO! Tell me what you think?

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Tel :)

Comedy Sketch: Mafia Redundancies

The newest comedy sketch called “Mafia Redundancies.” It’s still in production but I think it’s funny… how about you?

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Comedy Video: The Morgue Sketch

The first in a series sketches filmed with the new Comedy troop I’ve just joined (we haven’t got an official name yet!) I suppose you could call it black comedy. Hope you enjoy.

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See you soon!


Home – A Voiceover job for Hillsong Church

I got this job as a result of We Were Wanderers. Check it out!

Hope you liked it. If you would like to employ me as a voiceover artist, or indeed an actor or a singer, please contact me through my contact page.

Many Thanks,

Terry :)

We Were Wanderers – Gorgeous Voiceover Gig

Check out We were Wanderers, which has now had over 150,000 views and is still a wonderful piece of work. The piece allows me to express a richer side to my voice through the haunting words of Joseph Conrad, over some exquisite shots of the Malaysian jungle and accompanied by a sweeping and atmospheric score.

Hope you liked it. I’f you are interested in employing me as a voiceover artist, or indeed as an actor or singer, please contact me through the form on my contact page.

Many Thanks,