Tempest to Much Ado – A Monster to a Prince


Me as Caliban - ooh, I'm scary!

Hello everyone! So I should have been blogging regularly over the last few months but, partly because I’ve been really busy doing the things I should have been blogging about and partly because I’m just a bit rubbish at this kind of thing, I haven’t.

I’ve recently finished a production of The Tempest @ the Drayton Arms Theatre in South Kensington directed by the lovely Anna Ostegren who I worked for the first time 3 years ago. I played the “Monsterous” Caliban and had a fantastic time becoming and playing the much maligned and, in my opinion, hard done by slave. I had a couple of good reviews, the first of which, on remote goat, said that my Caliban was “Genius” and the second, in the Gizzle online magazine, which praised the entire cast for “An excellent display of acting.”

much-ado-about-nothing-drayton-armsSo now I’m doing a production of Much Ado About Nothing at the same venue, also directed by Anna, which I was rehearsing whilst Tempest was on, hence the lack of time, in which I’m playing the Prince Don Pedro. So from a Monster to a Prince…quite a leap!! Come along and see my amazing transformation in this “Funny and moving production!”.

It’s on from tonight (9th August) until the Saturday 18th August (excluding Sunday and Monday).