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Terry graduated The Central School of speech and Drama with a BA in Acting in 1998 and found immediate success as Josh Matthews on the Channel 5 Soap Opera ‘Family Affairs’. Playing the role of the downtrodden Josh between 1998 and 2000 was a massively educational and eye opening experience and earned him a nomination for best actor at the soap awards 1999. On leaving ‘Family Affairs’, he worked steadily as an actor in both TV and Theatre up until 2004 when, inexplicably (especially to him), he left acting and became, amongst other things, a drama teacher, for the next 5 years.

Since being called back to the profession, that has always been his true passion, in 2009, on screen in short films, trailers and comedy sketches, he has played everything from an Albanian Drug lord to a ruthless but cowardly banking mogul and a New York mob boss (with a comic twist).

On stage he has taken on the likes of a villainous East End strip club owner, a disillusioned Texan Vietnam veteran, Stalin, Mussolini and Adolf Hitler (the last 3 all within the same play). He is a gifted and versatile character actor whose latest project will see him take on 11 characters, both Male and Female, in his self penned One-Man play, ‘Plain English’, which is based, in part, on his experiences as a teacher. If you would like to see this show please visit the following links for dates and ticket prices.

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Hooked, Theatre 503 in Battersea

“Terence burns plays the part of the shady cockney club manager entertainingly and delivered the best “F**k off” this Londonista has seen in a long time.”

The Londonist, 2nd August 2009

Hooked, George 2 at Edinburgh Festival

“The sleazy club owner (Terence Burns) is especially well acted in his brutality and indifference, adding poignancy to the suffering of those wrapped up in this unwholesome world.”

Magnus Huntly-Grant, Allthefestivals.com, 13th August 2009

Hooked, George 2 at the Edinburgh Festival

“Terence Burns is perfectly cast as the sleazy club owner, Parnell. His scenes with Monique are particularly convincing, causing hair to stand up on the back of the neck at his disturbing and realistically confronting behaviour.”

Skye Crawford, Fringe Review, 30th August 2009.

Lone Star, Brooke Green Hotel at Cellar

“In contrast Burns as Roy is the masculine alter-ego to his brother, he is firm, controlling and in the intimate space of the stage he is scarily violent…. The reaction Burns gives as his character finds out Ray has been sleeping with his wife multiple times. Lone Star suddenly becomes electric – the small audience gasp in disbelief then slowly there is an uncomfortable silence before the rage is delivered in violence. Simply superb theatre!”

Jake, The Younger Theatre (online), 8th May 2010



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